“Oh,gr8! Ya broke Norman!” Alex remarked sarcastically,entering the room. “I reckon he’s been telling u about Ms. Holland. That lass was a bad influence on our boy. She had to leave as soon as possible,before she got ‘im into trouble!” Dad declared,puffing away. “Did u have any proof that she was a bad influence,Mr. McSheeran?” Lavender asked,her once calm demeanor suddenly changing into a cold one ( I dunno if her stay with us was turning her loony or strict!). “I’d known the Holland family for the longest time & Holland boys do not lie, my dear!”he replied,suggesting that he believed Ritchie’s lies. “Besides,this happened 20 yrs.ago. The lad should’ve moved on by now.” he snorted. “How would u feel if ur true love was taken away from u? Wouldn’t u be as heartbroken & as lonely as Norm?! ” she cried out. “I dunno what my son sees in ya,young lady! ” dad muttered, stunned by her outburst. “Disrespectful…utterly disrespectful! ” he muttered,making his way downstairs.
Long story short,we were asked to leave immediately….without dinner!


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