A/N: Suggested music to set the tone- Letter from America by The Proclaimers.
“She moved here from Florida after her dad died. It was his last wish that she & her mom should settle in his hometown after his death.” he reminisced,settling on the bed with Lavender sitting beside him. “She was the nerdiest 13 yr.old, but to me, she was the prettiest! Everyone teased us & bullied us for bein’ a couple of nerds, but we didn’t let their jeers get to us. We spent our time collecting stuff or hangin’ out in the science lab or the library & we enjoyed our time together….” he continued,smiling to himself at these memories. “What happened to her? ” Lavender asked,intrigued by his love story. “We turned 18, we were both young & in love….but her overprotective brother, Ritchie didn’t like it! He lied to Mrs. Holland that I was a bad influence on Maggie & that we’d intended to elope! So,they left Scotland & returned to Florida & I never saw her again! Ever since then, I’ve been alone. She was the only girl I ever truly loved, ya know? ” he finished the story, looking at Lavender tearfully,before breaking down in her arms. She consoled him.


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