I sat her down forcefully. “Hey! What’s the deal with ya?! ” she protested. “I’d just like u to be nice to her for once…& it’s my b’day ,SO I GET TO DECIDE WHETHER U STAY OR LEAVE!! ” I yelled at her. “Alright,then. Shall we eat? ” I asked,calmly.
“So,for the appetizers,I made beer battered fish & Bannocks. For the main course,there’s baked salmon with tarragon, crab patê pasta, country egg casserole, stovies & kedgeree & for dessert,it’s Campy’s fav, rhubarb oatmeal crumble! ” Lavender excitedly walked us through the meal,before finally sitting next to me at the table. “We call him Cam, not Campy.” Alex corrected,glaring at her. “Well, she’s my girlfriend, so she can call me anything she likes.” I retorted. “Girlfriend?! She’s like 25!” my blabber-mouth sister remarked. “I’m actually 29…& y’all are invited to my thirtieth b’day in a few months time! ” Lavender interrupted us before it got ugly! “Besides,age doesn’t matter when u’re in love! ” her equally polite mum exclaimed,smiling at a sneering Alex. “Ok,can we eat?! I’m starving & I’m sure Lavender slogged all day in the kitchen cooking this! I know I did,’coz I helped her! ” an impatient Norman reminded,banging his fork onto the table. Everyone loved the food, except Alex, of course! She kept passing rude comments like- “Crab patê pasta?! More like- Crap patê pasta!! ” & giggled at her own comment. So, every time she decided to open her foul mouth, Norman, I & her parents praised Lavender’s food! & she was grateful we did so! Later, she thanked me with a kiss as we did the dishes.

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