“I’m really sorry about Alex’s outbursts! I know u must really hate her! I mean,we all do! U don’t have to hide it!” I apologized,as Lavender straightened my tie the next morning. “U’re rather apologetic today. What’s the matter,hon? ”  she asked,smiling. “Nothing….It’s just that I love u & want u to be comfortable here in our home, ya know? ”  I replied,placing my hands on her shoulders. “Happy fortieth b’day,hon! ” she greeted,before kissing me. “& don’t worry. I’ll be fine! ” she assured.
I returned home after a tiring day to a silent & dark apartment.“SURPRISE!!”  my gorgeous girlfriend,her equally gorgeous/amazing parents & my not so lonely anymore brother jumped up on seeing me. My evil sister dropped in drunk & late. “Food’s cold,sis! Lavender cooked us an authentic,delicious Scottish meal.” Norman exclaimed,excitedly. “Haggis & shortbread?! Isn’t that why we escaped from Scotland?! ” she grunted,not even glancing at the food!

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