Well,who do we find waiting in the elevator ,but Satan herself! Alex decided to tag along & Lavender was kind enough to let her! “Mmmm…these pancakes are delish! Gr8 breakfast after a night of gr8…..” Alex began to boast with her mouth full. “Lavender’s pancakes are fluffier!” I interrupted,before she could finish that obviously disgusting comment. “I bet they are!” Norman muttered to Alex. She high-fived him. Lavender & I wrinkled up our faces in disgust. “Says the man with a mop for a girlfriend!” I snapped. “Speaking of mops,we need to shop for cleaning supplies.” Lavender reminded,before we made a scene at the diner. “What about the blue bottled liquid in our basement ?” I asked. “That’s Gatorade!” she replied. “U mean,I’ve been cleaning my bedroom window with Gatorade?! That explains the ants!” Norman realized. “I’m calling the exterminator!” I declared,whipping out my phone. “& I’m makin’ a booty call!” Alex declared,burping aloud.


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