“So,bud,u wanna get some pancakes?” I asked Norman,who was just gonna lock himself in his room….again! “I just had pancakes. But u 2 go ahead!” he replied,hurrying into his room. “Liar! U’re all outta pancake mix…& groceries! ‘Coz someone was too lazy to buy some!” Lavender pulled him back by his collar,before glaring at & nudging me. “I’m not gonna let u 2 laze around.” she declared,glaring at us both & wrapping her arms around us. “Hey! I’m not lazy,’kay?” I protested,glaring back at her. “Norm,tell ‘er I’m not lazy!” I pleaded. “She’s right! I mean, look at this place. It’s a mess & u said u’d clean up….last month!” my traitorous brother reminded. “Well,u said u’d get a girlfriend last month!” I retorted. A hurt Norman stuck his tongue out at me. “All right,boys! Let’s just get some breakfast,we’ll go shopping & clean out this…dump later!” a starving Lavender calmed us down.


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