Alex spent the night at her boy-toy/our neighbor, the fireman’s place. Come & get ur love blared outta his apartment upstairs. “So, what’s the deal with ur sister & the fireman?” Lavender asked me, as she rubbed lotion onto her arms. “They’ve got a 50 shades of grey type o’ thing goin’ on!” I replied. Suddenly, the door swung open. Alex burst into the room & hurried into the bathroom. “Hey, girlfriend? I’m borrowing ur razor,’kay? It’s an emergency!” she asked, feigning politeness. She hurried away, without waiting for a response! The next morning, we found it lying on the bedside table. “So…what do ya wanna do with it? Burn it & buy a new one?” I asked. “Grab ur Zippo & I’ll get my credit card!” she ordered, as we jumped off the bed together! We headed towards the door, before we realized that we couldn’t go out in our pj’s! “I haven’t even showered yet!” Lavender exclaimed. “After u, madam…” I whispered, nudging her into the bathroom. She giggled. Lavender let out a whimper, as we stepped inside. “Norm?! What’re u doin’ in here?” I asked. “Conducting an experiment. I’m creating a mini-cyclone!” he mumbled, excitedly. He was stooped over the bath tub which he’d filled upto the brim & was swirling the water around. “In other words, u’re flooding our bathroom?!” I asked, glaring at him. “Could we have the bathroom to ourselves? We’re sorta conducting an experiment too!” Lavender asked, politely. “Yeah, we’re sorta like Marie & Pierre Curie!” I hurriedly interrupted & pushed him out, before he understood the euphemism! “Ooh…the Curies? I love role-playing games!” Lavender whispered naughtily, wrapping her arms around my neck, as I grinned


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