I introduced her to my siblings. Norm took an instant liking to her, hugging her & quoting Star Wars – The force is strong with this one!” “Oh! If u hear explosions coming from my room…don’t worry! I’m working on muffins of mass destruction! They’re muffins which literally explode in ur mouth!!he explained, excitedly. “Would u wanna try one?” he offered Lavender an innocent-looking muffin with chocolate frosting. “Maybe some other time!” she declined, politely. & then, Satan herself entered the room! “So,u’re the skank that’s caught our slob’s attention?!” Alex hissed. “Whoa! Keep the expletives to a minimum, sis!” I warned. “Whatever!” she scoffed, ignoring me. “So, she’s the rude one?” Lavender whispered to me. “How observant of u!” Alex remarked sarcastically, overhearing her. “I’ve got a few observations of my own! U’ve poor choice in men…since u chose the one guy who’s so lazy that he can’t even adopt an American accent!!” she insulted, before hurrying out & slamming the door. “She’s on the prowl again!” Norman teased, once she’d left. “I think ur accent’s sexy!” Lavender consoled me. ”Aww…” I exclaimed, as she wrapped her arms around my waist & I pecked her forehead. We burst out laughing as an overexcited Norman rushed o’er to hug us!


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