I was having the worst day, until I saw her. Lavender Slade. The new secretary. Brunette hair, pomegranate red lips, doe eyes & a smile that lit up my day! ”Hi, sleepyhead!” she interrupted my thoughts with that gorgeous smile & sweet voice…& a kiss!(did I mention that she’s my girlfriend?) She ran her fingers through my ruffled up hair. “Hiya, love!” I finally snapped outta my trance. ”So…” she began. “So…what?” I asked. “So, we’re moving in together, right?” she reminded. “Oh, yeah! I’ll pick u up later & we’ll grab ur stuff, eh?” I agreed. “Aye, I’d love for ya to grab my stuff! “she whispered naughtily, imitating my Scottish accent. “U don’t have to do the accent.” I insisted. “How else am I gonna fit into ur Scottish household?” she asked. “My siblings are more American than ya think, love!” I assured. & I was right! I was the only one who’d brought along our Scottish heritage along to America. They’d dropped the accent as soon as we’d landed jn NYC! Anyway, I proudly flaunted my accent. I was glad that Lavender, the love of my life was moving in with me. I thought she’d bring about a change in my rude sister & my loner brother. I mean, this girl outshone the brightest star, she made the grumpiest people laugh & she was capable of taming the rudest people.

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