I’m gonna treat y’all to another story. This was my first non-fanfiction on wattpad an’ I was still starting out there. Hope y’all like it! Also, find it on feedbooks (albeit with a different cover page. The one below is a new cover page which I made recently):

Cast members:

David Tennant as Campbell McSheeran
Julia Voth as Lavender Slade
Jeff B. Davis as Norman McSheeran
Amy Poehler as Alex McSheeran

Cover page

Boom!! That was the noise that woke me up. Turns out it was my loner brother,Norman toying around with his chemistry set (he’s 36, btw!) “Oye, Norm! What’re u doing?!” I asked. ”I’ve gotta get to work, bud!” I yelled. “That’s a first for u, u slobby Scot!” my sister, Alex mocked. “Yo, dumbo! Keep it on the down-low! I’ve got a guy upstairs.” she scolded, before slamming the door. “He’s a fireman. & boy, does he light my…” she began boasting about her latest catch! “Don’t really care, my dear!” I interrupted, putting on my coat. “Have u seen my tie?” I asked, hurriedly eating my cereal & tuning my sister out! “U know, u’re never proud of my accomplishments!” she pouted. “That’s ‘coz I’m not dad & I’m running late! P.S. Do not eat the cereal…It’s stale!” I warned, before hurrying out. My 42 yr.old sister tossed the cereal box at the door & I heard her cuss- “Why don’t u get some more cereal urself then, u slob?!” I got outta that cramped apartment & to my spacious cubicle. Anyway….I got a earful from my boss that day for drooling o’er some paperwork & falling asleep at a meeting!

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