THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 48

A happy ending, cuz life needs to have more happy stuff in it😋

Back together! 💏

A few months later:
The couple were giving their relationship another chance. “See that man o’er there? ” Jack whispered to her, pointing to a man hiding in the bushes as they walked in the park. “Yeah? ” Ruth asked curiously, glancing in his direction. “He works for a tabloid. Bloke’s always followin me around for a juicy story.” he explained. “Doesn’t that count as stalkin? ” she asked,hesitantly. “Well…I like the attention! ” he replied with a toothy grin. “C’mon! Let’s give im somethin to write about, eh? ” he suggested, pulling her closer and hoping the man in the bushes had a clear view of them together. “What’re we gonna do? Just mess around with im or somethin? ” she asked, with a mischievous glint in her eyes. “Nope. I’ve somethin that’ll satisfy all o’ us….” he replied, with a mysterious smile. “I wonder what….Oh, my God! Yer….yer….” she exclaimed in wonder, taken aback as he got down on one knee. “I’m down on my knees, askin ya to marry me…again! Will ya? ” he proposed, looking up at her anxiously as he clasped her jittery hands in his. “On two conditions.” she replied, after much thought as he awaited her reply. “What’s that? ” he asked, raising an eyebrow in cluelessness. “Ya promise to never cheat on me again? ” she asked. “Believe me, yer the one an’ only woman who’ll make me weak in the knees, love! ” he replied, looking at her lovingly as he spoke. “An’ ya promise not to diss Doctor Who an’ romcoms again? ” she asked, feigning sternness. “That’s askin too much, woman! ” he replied jokingly, only to elicit her laugh which was music to his ears! “I will marry ya…again! ” she exclaimed, to applause from onlookers and also from the journalist in the bushes who’d perked up on seeing Jack carry his blushing wife and twirl her, before kissing her.
          THE END

…But, wait…there’s more! 👇
Just a short bonus chapter, since I couldn’t help myself! Enjoy…An’ tell yer friends!

A bonus chapter for my dearest readers💘
“C’mon up. There’s a new mattress upstairs with yer name on it…It’s the one I talked bout buyin when we first moved ere. Remember? Exactly the one like in the hotel room! ” she whispered, seductively and enthusiastically. “What’re we waitin for then? Let’s break it in! ” he exclaimed, matching his bride’s enthusiasm as he carried her upstairs. “What’s the matter? ” she asked in a concerned manner, unwrapping her arms from around his neck as he put her down. “Back ache. Think I’m gettin too ol to carry ya around. Why dontcha just walk up, slip into somethin…Ya know! I’ll be up in a bit.” he replied, with a grimace. “Ya sure yer gonna be ok? ” she asked, still not assured. “No….in fact, I’m gonna be fantastic! An’ that, my love, is called actin! ” came his reply, as she heaved a sigh of relief on realizing he was just jokin around! “C’mere, you! ” he exclaimed saucily,as she let out a delighted squeal and he chased her to the bedroom.

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