THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 47

They stopped as the door swung open and a bloodshot eyed Miller entered. “Guess the party started early, eh? Watchin a romantic movie with him instead o’ me? ” he slurred, inching toward the couch. “Oh, God! He’s drunk again! ” Jack heard her mutter. “Miller, why dontcha sit down, mate? ” he tried to calm the irate man. “Don’t tell me what to do, mate! Yer a guest here, kay? Ya tryin to shag my fiancee, guvnor?! ” he began to cuss, drunkenly. “Oi! Language, mate! ” Jack reprimanded, covering his young daughter’s ears. “I think she’d let ya….talks bout ya, still holds ya in high regard, forgives ya so easily! Hell, ya have a few drinks an’ misbehave, she let’s ya off….But, I do the same, I’m forced to attend AA an’ anger management! Think she’s still got feelings for ya, ol boy! ” he revealed. “Miller, yer just really drunk….Just sleep it off, kay, love…? ” she suggested. “Don’t try to deny it! ” he roared, suddenly grabbing her by her throat. “There’s no need for that! ” Jack came to her rescue, as he wrestled him off. He pushed Miller aside. The man was knocked out as he hit the wall. “It’s not his fault. He only acts violently when he’s had a few drinks! ” Jack heard a pale faced Ruth mutter in a stunned manner, as Rose comforted her. “That’s it! I’m callin the coppers on im! I had my suspicions bout that man, but I didn’t figure him to be a wife beater!” he muttered, concerned on hearing her and seeing her bruised neck.
“Miss a few anger management sessions, an’ this is what happens! ” Miller grumbled as he was taken away in handcuffs. “Hopefully, he’ll get the punishment he deserves! ” Jack hoped. “Unless his rich mates bail im out! ” Rose muttered, in disgust. “I thought he was Mr. Right, ya know? ” she confessed, her voice muffled as she buried her tearful face in his jacket. “That’s what ya thought when ya married me too, remember?” he joked, in a bid to cheer her up. There was a long silence, before she looked up at him with puffy eyes. “Thanks…for savin me, Jack.” she whispered, gratefully. “No-one should suffer at the hands o’ the one they love, kay? I may not be yer husband anymore, but when we married we both made a vow to love an’ protect each other as long as we both shall live…an’ as long as I shall live, I’m not gonna let anyone hurt ya.” he promised. She smiled up at him in a pleased manner, before hugging him tearfully. “I dunno bout ya, but I thought that sounded cheesy! Heartfelt…but cheesy! ” their spoil sport daughter cut in. “Bein a romantic at heart is never a cheesy thing! ” Ruth retorted. “Ya know what? She may have a point! This is startin to play out like one o’ those gooey romcoms with wafer thin plots that ya love so much! ” he seconded teasingly, eliciting a playful whack on the back of his head from Ruth! He smiled, pulling her into a warm embrace which he hoped would never end.

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