THE ACTOR’S WIFE : Chapter 45

“Fancy meetin ya ere! Both o’ our sets right next to each other, both o’ our movies are fantasy movies….” he dropped in and began to talk Ruth’s ear off, sinking into the folding chair next to her. “Mine’s a medical drama, not fantasy! Did ya even read my book? ” she corrected. “Now, I know why our daughter’s so keen on becomin a doctor!” he muttered. “So, why’re ya ere? ” she asked. “Rose thinks I should apologize….I mean…I think ya deserve an apology for my behaviour last night.” he replied. “It’s ok. I already forgave ya.” she interrupted. “That quick? But, I….” he began to speak, taken aback. “We were married for such a long time…I’m used to yer drunk antics, I guess.” she explained, coolly. “Huh! ” was all he could say, raising an eyebrow at her quick acceptance of his apology before laying back into the chair. He looked up at Miller’s dimpled face grinning down at him. “You’re sittin on my chair, buddy! ” he exclaimed. “Oh, I’m sorry….though, I don’t see yer name on it, buddy! ” smartypants Jack jeered, as if looking for a fight! “Well, it says Producer right there….An’ as you can see, I’m the producer! ” Miller boasted, pointing to the proof- the word Producer written in bold, capital letters on the back of the chair. “Fine! Ere’s yer bloody chair back! But, I want my daughter for the weekend. It’s Christmas an’ I wanna spend at least one holiday with er! ” he argued, in a childish manner. “No way! It’s my weekend with er! ” Ruth argued, in an equally childish manner. “How bout this? We’re havin a Christmas moviethon at home. Wanna come? Ya can spend Christmas with Rose there.” a kind hearted Miller suggested, bringing an end to their petty argument.
“But, I wanna watch the Doctor Who Christmas special! ” his daughter reminded, scowling as they showed up at her mum’s place for the moviethon. “Ya think I enjoy showin up for a silly moviethon? I’m missin out on the new season o’ Fuller House, lass! ” he complained, as he prepared to press the doorbell. “But, I’m doin this cuz I love my daughter an’ I wanna spend Christmas with er. Isn’t that a nice, appreciative thought? ” he tried to make his daughter see the efforts of a loving father. “Well, if ya really loved me, you’d lemme stay at home to watch Doctor Who! ” she muttered sulkily, proceeding to hit him with a snowball! “Kay, that’s enough outta ya! ” he exclaimed teasingly, before father and daughter indulged in a snowball fight. “At least they’re not throwin Legos at each other like they did when Ro-ro was lil. Almost took my eye out with their silly Lego fight! ” an  amused Ruth (who’d just opened the door) muttered on seeing them. “C’mon in, ya kids! Yer gonna catch yer death o’ cold, both o’ ya mischief-makers! ” she called out, feigning sternness and suppressing a chuckle as they ran into the house. “Snow all o’er the carpet! Settle down, both o’ ya! We’re gonna start as soon as Miller gets home. He’s runnin a bit late.” she ordered.

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