THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 44

“What bout last night? ” he asked with his mouth full, pretending like the events of the previous night had escaped from his mind. “Ya know what I’m talkin bout. Ya were mean to mum. She almost broke down at her party, kay?! An’ ya insulted Miller.” she reminded. “I was drunk! ” he justified his actions, taking a sip of coffee as he spoke. “Bein drunk is no excuse for that sorta behaviour, dad. I’m not lettin ya off the hook that easily. I bet you’d have behaved in the same manner even if ya were sober….cuz I think ya hold a grudge against Miller for datin mum! ” she deduced. “Hogwash! If I did hold a grudge against Miller, it wouldn’t be for datin yer mum, it would be cuz that slick bastard has better hair than me!” he joked, not taking her seriously. “It’s no point talkin to ya! Well, I hope ya enjoy talkin to the media bout last night…They’re ere early! ” she muttered, rolling her eyes at his lame joke before staring out the window at the horde of press and paparazzi outside. “Love…A favor? Could ya talk to em for daddy…pretty please? ” he called out after her, dabbing at his face with a napkin before putting on his coat and following her out.
“Ms. Murphy! What d’you have to say bout yer father’s behaviour last night? ” was the first question that came poor Rose’s way as she shielded herself against bright camera flashes. “Hmmm…I think ya should direct all yer questions to the man imself! Ere he comes! I’ve gotta get to school, toodles! ” she suggested with a wicked grin, before making a run for it. “Yer a great daughter, ya know that?! Throwin yer ol dad under the bus like that! ” he called out sarcastically, watching she left him behind to face the music!
Somehow he escaped the sharp-tongued journalists and arrived on the set of his new movie. He was surprised to see his daughter there too. “Oooh! Ere for an audition, eh? Skipped school especially for it? ” he asked, brimming with pride that she was keen on following in his footsteps. “Not really. I’m doin research for my psychology project on movies dealin with psychological disorders . As for your huge dreams bout me becomin an actress, forget it! I already told ya I’m intent on becoming a doctor…” she spoke her mind. “Oh, cool! I heard they’re lookin out for someone to play a young Time Lady on that silly sci-fi show that yer mum likes- Doctor Who, is it? ” he changed the topic. “As much as I love Doctor Who, an’ I’m really lookin forward to the Christmas special…I’m not talkin bout becomin the Doctor, dad! I mean, a real doctor….joinin med school an’ stuff.” she corrected. “Well, in that case, they’re lookin for someone to play an intern on Grey’s Anatomy. Maybe ya should audition….” he began to insist. “It’s no point talkin to ya!” she muttered with a roll of her eyes, as he let out a childish chuckle. “D’you wanna stick around? I’ve a really meaty role as the antagonist in this movie bout a boy wizard. An’ if I recall correctly, yer a fan o’ fantasy movies…” he revealed, boastfully. “Wizards are so passé, dad! It’s the age o’ vampires now! ” the teen interrupted, before turning her back on him. “Ya sure ya don’t wanna stick around? I’m doin my own stunts! ” he called out, as he attempted to change her mind, but she’d already left.


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