THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 43

“Hey, bud! Enjoyin the party? ” Mr. Montesco greeted a sneering Jack, flashing him a friendly smile, unaware about what lay ahead. The drunk star leaned forward, pressing against the new man until he scrunched his face up in disgust at the stench of alcohol emanating from him. “Yer party, mate….? It stinks! This is Hollywood…the abode o’ mind-blowin parties…An’ yer party? It just doesn’t make the cut! ” he hissed. “Excuse me?! This is my party. I put in a lotta meticulous planning into it, kay? ” an offended Ruth defended, rushing over on overhearing him. “Dontcha just wish ya could travel back in time to those awesome parties we used to throw when we were together, love? ” he reminded with a boastful grin, turning his attention to her, moving closer as he spoke. “Actually, I wouldn’t. I’m quite happy ere, livin in the moment….” she disagreed, shirking back as she felt uncomfortable by his drunken behaviour. “…with this fella?! Lil bit o’ advice, love? He may seem like the perfect person, but every person has their flaws! Even the great, angelic Miller Montesco! ” he exclaimed, grabbing the attention of the guests who were listening intently now. “Bet there’s a really shady person hiding beneath the stylish suits an’ fake dimpled smiles…” he continued to insult, rudely grabbing at the patient producer’s shirt collar as he spat insult after insult, much to the horror of the guests. “Ok, that’s enough! I won’t have ya abusin im like that an’ I won’t have ya ruinin my party! An’ FYI, you’d know all bout fake smiles, ya bloody,deceitful pretender! ” she reprimanded, losing her temper. “Mum, please calm down….Dad’s just jokin around….it’s just theatrics, that’s what it is, mum….” Rose interrupted, trying to prevent her parents from making an even bigger scene. “Rose, stay outta this! An’ you…ya listen up! I made a huge mistake invitin ya. I thought you’d be ok with me movin on….but, ere ya are tryin to find fault in my fiance. Ya know, he may have flaws which I don’t have a clue bout, but one thing I’m sure bout is that at least he won’t let the success get to his head an’ cheat on me…like ya did!” she retorted, landing a major blow to her ex-husband. The bloodshot eyed man staggered back, dejected as his heart was stomped on. “Rose, get im outta ere, please.” she ordered, turning towards her stunned fiance before straightening his collar apologetically. “An’ sweety…if,uh…he’s still hungover tomorrow an’, ya know, ya need a ride to school, just call me, kay, sweety….” the concerned mother offered, turning towards her daughter who was struggling to hold him up. “Mum, I’ll be fine! I’m a big girl now, I can take the bus. Although, I could use some help gettin his passed out arse outta ere! ” the panting girl interrupted. “Language, lass! ” she heard him mumble as he regained consciousness for a bit, before slumping back into his daughter’s arms again. Ruth attempted to divert the guests’ attention away from what had just taken place, while Miller hired a taxi for the father-daughter duo to go home in.
“Ya ok? How bout we get ya a glass of that cheap wine, ya like, huh?” Miller asked, in a bid to comfort her. He wrapped an arm around her as they sat on the velvet sofa in a corner of the pub, while she took a sip of wine. “Gotta enjoy the small things, right? I remember ya telling me how much you preferred cheap wine over the fancy stuff, since it reminded you about your humble beginnings when you couldn’t afford anything fancy or expensive…” he recounted. “No offense, love….but I’d really like to drink in silence. ” she interrupted, quietly sipping away. The understanding man complied with her wishes.

The next day:
Still upset about the events of the previous night, a usually sunny Rose (Who was usually a morning person) halfheartedly scooped scrambled eggs and half burnt toast onto a plate and poured the hangover cure into a coffee mug for her dad, once she heard the signal that he was awake- a thump and ouch as he fell off the bed in a tangle of sheets! “I was pissed as a newt last night, wasn’t I? ” he muttered, rubbing his throbbing head as he entered the kitchen. She didn’t reply, only nodded her head in agreement. “Wait a min…how’d I get into these PJs…did ya…? Ya know, yer not s’possed to see daddy naked, let alone change his clothes…!” he advised , raising an eyebrow at her. “UghWhat…? No! Don’t make me lose my appetite, dad. I didn’t change yer clothes. I paid our neighbor Maggie to do it…An’ she was more than willing to do it, since she’s been goin on about how hot ya are an’ what not! ” “So, wait a min….ya paid our neighbor to rape yer dad?! ” he exclaimed in horror. “Oh…please! She didn’t rape ya! Barely made it past the boxers….which she weirdly insisted on keepin ,by the way, but I didn’t let er! She only dressed ya an’ went on er way. Though, I suspect she might’ve kept yer shades as a souvenir. ” she replied, with a roll of her eyes at his overexaggeration. “Dad, we need to talk bout somethin…bout ya an’ mum an’ last night…” she whispered in a serious tone, sitting across from him at the breakfast table while he prepared to tuck into his breakfast.

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