THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 42

Drunk and up to no good!

He retreated to the bar for the remainder of the evening, watching his former wife and her fiance enjoying the party, slow-dancing, receiving congratulations for their group effort (the telly show) from the crowd of guests and feeling pangs of jealousy when his daughter occasionally joined in the couple’s conversations or cut in to dance with her future stepdad who seemed to be the apple of everyone’s eyes. He gulped down his umpteenth glass of gin and tonic, before  Rose approached in a bid to stop him. “Dad, I think you’ve had too much to drink…” the concerned girl reprimanded him, motioning to the bartender to stop plying him with more alcohol. “An’ I think I haven’t had enough….So, I’ll have one more! ” he slurred. “I’m not gonna let ya! ” she declared, glaring at him as she pushed away the glass which was just within his reach. She was taken aback as he slammed his fist angrily on the bar counter. The vibrations were strong enough to send a few shot glasses and a bottle of Kahlua kept nearby shattering to the floor. “Dad…let’s go…I’ve got homework to do an’ it’s gettin late…” she lied (she was a straight A student who always finished her homework on time before attending parties…which were also a rare commodity for the studious girl) “I didn’t hear ya complainin when ya were havin the time o’ yer life with goody two shoes Miller o’er there! ” he muttered.  “Why dontcha just go ahead an’ have a few more dances with yer flawless father, eh?” he grumbled loudly. There was a long pause before she figured out the cause of his drunkenness and angst. “Are ya jealous o’ im? Ya know, yer the only flawless man I know….An’ right now, yer hidden flaws are showin, dad! Could we please go home now, before the whole o’ Hollywood sees those flaws too? ” she tried to calm him down. “I bet he’s got flaws too…..Mind if I check?! ” he exclaimed, sounding like a determined drunk. “Dad, what’re ya doin? Where’re ya goin?! ” she called out behind him, hurrying along as the staggering man made his way to the happy couple.

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