THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 41

The new man in her life

He felt his heart sink as gazed at him from head to toe, before asking- “Who’re ya s’possed to be? ” “Seriously?! Ya don’t recognise Michael Corleone?! We watched The Godfather trilogy together every night when we were married, remember? ” he reminded, throwing up in arms in disbelief. “Never liked those movies. Fell asleep, right around the time ya started screamin every time someone shot at someone…an’ that bloody horse head scene made me squirm! ” she confessed. “Why’re ya dressed as his wife, Kay Adams then? ” he asked. “Oh, this? I just had my assistant pick somethin up for me.” she replied with a shrug. “Wait…Ya have an assistant? ” he exclaimed, in disbelief. “Yea, she’s just in charge o’ sendin my manuscripts to the publishers an’ stuff.” she replied, as he suppressed a grin at the idea of his finicky wife (who’s usually keen on doin things by herself) having an assistant running errands for her. “In fact, she’s right o’er there talkin to my fiance by the punch bowl.” she revealed, gesturing behind him while simultaneously flashing the large diamond on her finger with pride. “Is that im? Look at that slicked back hair….an’ that jawline! Ooh…looks like yer marryin an extra from Grease! ” he teased, hiding his jealousy. “Oi! Quit bein so mean! That’s how all movie producers wear their hair.” she justified, swatting at him playfully as she spoke. “Just sayin….He looks like the sort who’d work for the mafia! Just doesn’t seem trustworthy, ya know? ” he joked with the intent to insult, not realizing that Miller was standing right behind him. “Ooh! Workin for the mafia sounds cool! ” the good sport agreed with a swirl of his wine glass, as the actor received the shock of his life on turning around! “I’ll fetch you a drink an’ we’ll get to know each other better, huh? ” the handsome man with the toothy grin declared once they’d been introduced, before proceeding to the bar. “Ooh! Guess ya stuck yer foot in yer mouth, eh? Ya intend on pulling it out anytime soon? ” Ruth asked a red faced Jack teasingly, once her fiance left,eliciting snickers from Rose and Jodie.


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