THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 40

Dedicated to the cast and crew o’the most memorable mafia movie, The Godfather:

A tribute to The Godfather

“So, who’s the lucky fella? An’ when can I meet im? ” he finally spoke up, hiding his jealousy as he enquired. “His name’s Miller Montesco. He’s a producer on the telly show that’s based on my book. We’ve been datin for a while now, an’ we wanted to wait, but he’s a widower an’ I’m a divorcee- how long were we gonna spend our lives alone an’ miserable, eh? I wanted to tell ya….I just didn’t know how you’d react to it…” she confessed. “He’s a real sweet person….An’ I don’t want ya to meet im.” she finished. “Why not? Ya afraid I might spoil im? ” he joked, with a mischievous snicker. “No. It’s just that, I dunno if I’m comfy with my ex an’ my current fiance in the same room together.” she justified, hesitantly. “How bout if our daughter’s in the room with us? He can meet the both o’ us….two birds with one stone, eh? ” he suggested. “He’s already met er.” she revealed. “What?! How can he…? She’s been with me the whole time.” a clueless Jack asked. “We talked o’er Skype.” his sleepy daughter mumbled. “That’s just great! Now, my daughter’s hiding stuff from me too! ” he muttered in a betrayed tone, before pulling his arm out from under the sleeping girl, rolling her off the bed in the process! She landed with a soft thud on the carpeted floor. “Anyway, I wanna meet the man before ya marry im.” he continued to insist. There was silence from the other end. “Fine! Lemme just stop ya before ya further explain yerself in a cliched manner by sayin- Oh, love,I care bout ya, etc, etc. We’re throwin a costume party to announce our show at The OHM Nightclub. The theme’s The seventies, keepin in mind the theme o’ my book an’ the show. Be there or be square! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve to get back to my writin.” she explained hurriedly, before hanging up.
He did turn up. Looking dapper in a tux, while his daughter walked in with him, dressed as a colorful hippie (sans the marijuana cig, of course!;-P) “Who’re ya s’possed to be?” Jodie (who was dressed as Farrah Fawcett, Jack guessed from her hairdo!) asked him, bumping into the duo. “Michael Corleone, only the most feared man from the Corleone clan! ” the movie buff replied, majestically. “Is it just me or is mum dressed eerily similar to…” Rose interrupted, spotting their gorgeous hostess gracefully greeting the guests before walking towards them. “…Kay Adams! “ he completed her sentence, gaping at Ruth in a dreamy manner!


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