THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 39

“I’m lookin at the world’s most beautiful woman right now.” he revealed over the phone. “What?! ” she cried out in surprise. “Don’t get yer knickers in a twist! It’s just Ro-ro! ” he calmed her down, staring at his 13 year old daughter fast asleep, resting her head on his chest. “I heard ya call me by that bloody nickname, dad! ” she growled, stirring in her sleep. “An’ she’s probably sufferin from PTSD right now! ” he joked. “Ya mean, PMS? ” his ex wife corrected. “Well, ya know the terms better than I do. So….when’s yer book tour gettin o’er? We kinda miss ya! ” he asked. “Ya mean, she misses me. You would never miss me….now that Frenchie’s in yer life! ” she muttered, jealously. “Well, if ya must know….yer daughter got rid o’ er! ” he complained, telling her all about Rose’s mischief. “Well, now we know where she gets er sick sense o’ humor from, eh? ” he exclaimed on hearing chuckles from the other end! “Sorry. Anyway,uh, I wanted to tell ya that… I’m engaged.”  Ruth finally replied. “That’s no surprise! Always engaged with yer book signings an’ what not, eh? ” he figured, with a frown. “No, Jack, I meant that I’m engaged….to be married.” she revealed, much to his shock! “Hullo, Jack? Ya still there? ” she asked, on noting the awkward silence.


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