THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 38

A/N: Here’s the next chapter-hot an’ fresh…oops! I meant, cold. Since, this chapter’s bout revenge an’….Well, ya know the saying!

Revenge is best served blue!

” Votre fille est diabolique! C’est la goutte d’eau! ” they were greeted by the shrieking French lady. “W…What?” he asked, clueless since he didn’t understand a word of French! “Your daughter….She is evil! Diabolical! ” she translated, while glaring at his daughter. Rose rolled her eyes, deliberately pushing her aside rudely before making her way to the fridge for a refreshing glass of orange juice. “First she puts something in my protein shake, making me bloat up and I lose out on that Playboy shoot! Now, she mixed something in my hair dye….and look! My hair…it’s blue! ” she complained, unwrapping the towel from her head, revealing her new look! “Bloody hell, ya look like someone emptied an inkpot o’er yer head, love! But, are ya sure it was her doin? Maybe, there’s somethin wrong with yer dye, eh? ” he exclaimed, trying to calm her down. He heard muffled laughter from his devilish daughter who’d already made herself comfy at the kitchen top and begun to tuck into the pizza. “That’s it! If you trust her more than you trust me…..I think, we are done! And I will come back for my things….when she is not around! ” Ana yelled, throwing her hands up dramatically before storming out! “Love, come back! We can fix yer hair! ” he called out behind her, in vain.
“Did ya really do that? ” he asked, sitting beside her as she flashed him an innocent look. “She deserved it. She was a real salope! ” she replied, not denying it. “English, please. My French is a bit weak.” he requested, not understanding the last word. “Oh, right….She was a real bitch! ” his potty mouth daughter translated, before calmly reaching out for another slice.”Whoa! That sounded better in French! An’ yer not s’possed to cuss, lassie! ” he scolded. “I’m glad I got rid o’ er! ” he heard her mutter, as he looked out of the window in concern at his blue haired girlfriend who was hurrying down the street….probably to the nearest hair salon!


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