THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 37

The Jack Murphy Show

3 years passed by. And in those three years, a lot of things happened. The couple’s divorce was finalised, Ruth became a renowned authoress (whose novel was in the process of being turned into a telly show), their daughter grew up into a beautiful woman of 13 – raised by joint custody and Ana moved in with Jack (a decision which the haughty vixen would soon regret!) Unfortunately, Ana and Rose (who loathed the woman who was to blame for her parents’ divorce) didn’t get along at all! And Jack had a difficult time in controlling both the women in his house whenever a cat fight broke out between them!
“I specifically remember demanding a reshoot. Can’t believe they went ahead with that ridiculous pic o’ me! ” he muttered under his breath, looking up at the huge billboard advertising his talk show, as the father-daughter duo walked back to their apartment building . “Guess ya don’t run the show, eh? ” his cheeky daughter teased, swinging the bag containing their dinner (pizza and pecan pie from their favorite diner), before they began the strenuous climb up the stairs back to the apartment where Ana waited for them. “Just for that, ya don’t get any pizza! ” he teased, reaching out to mess up her hair. She squealed with laughter, running up the stairs, out of his reach. “C’mon, dad, hurry up! The pizza’s gettin cold! ” she jeered from the top floor. “Hold up! Yer dad’s gettin ol! ” he huffed, supporting himself on the railing as he climbed up. He picked up the pace suddenly, scurrying up on hearing a bloodcurdling scream from their apartment! He was taken aback as the door suddenly swung open, almost hitting him in the face!


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