THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 35

“Hi, ya two! ” Ruth greeted, as the exhausted duo arrived home that evening. “Hiya, mum! ” Rose greeted gleefully, as her mother planted a kiss on her pretty daughter’s plump, rosy cheeks. “Do I get one? ” he asked saucily, leaning in for a kiss, only to be turned away. “Maybe later, eh? ” she replied, flashing him a forced smile. “Go on, ya imp! Wash up! Mum’s made yer fav- mac an’ cheese.” she ordered, giving her a loving push towards the bathroom.
“So….how bout that kiss? ” he asked charmingly, eagerly leaning in as she prepared to turn in for the night. She shirked back, setting aside her coffee table book, before glaring at him. “What? ” he asked, shooting her a confused look. “Ana left ya some pretty intimate voice messages, Jack ”  she replied, still glaring at him. “Oh! Ruth….I can explain those….” he stuttered, nervously. “Explain what?! That yer cheatin on me….with that French floozy?! ” she interrupted, tossing off the sheets as she leapt out of bed. “Ruth…It’s….I’m not…” he began to defend himself. “Not cheating on me?! Than, why else would she call, askin ya to meet her at The Hilton, same time as always….An’ she’ll be wearin that lingerie that ya like?! ” she cried out, tearing up as she spoke. There was a long, tense silence, before he spoke apologetically- “Ruth….I’m so sorry….” “Don’t think that a sorry is gonna fix all this! Why would ya do this, Jack? I…I…left everythin behind to help ya pursue yer dream….Just so, ya could cheat on me?! ” the heartbroken woman whispered. “Ya know why I did this?! Cuz we haven’t spent an intimate moment together ever since Rose was born. You’ve either been busy with er or with those bloody writin courses that yer takin! What’s a man s’possed to do, eh?! ” he complained, raising her voice at her. “Oh, yer blamin yer infidelity on our daughter?! An’ if I remember correctly, yer the one who encouraged me to take up those courses! ” she reminded, picking up her coffee table book to toss at him in anger. “That’s what I hate bout ya! Ya start tossin stuff when yer angry, love! ” he muttered, ducking as books flew past his head. “The Doctor was right- Books really are the best weapons! ” she exclaimed, picking up the last book off the shelf to toss at him. “Are ya crazy?! ” he cried out in horror, as it almost landed on his head and instead landed at their drowsy daughter’s feet! She’d entered their room on hearing the commotion and was standing at the doorway and staring at them. “Mum, what’s happenin? ” she asked, innocently. “Ro-ro, go back to bed.” he ordered. She didn’t budge, still waiting for an answer from her parents. “Rose Gale O’Donnell, ya go to bed this instant….or mummy will spank ya! ” a furious Ruth threatened, yelling  at the little girl for no fault of hers, not thinking straight. “For chrissakes, Ruth…she’s just a child! ” he cried out, as Rose ran back to her room with tears in her eyes on being yelled at. “I didn’t wanna make a scene in front o’ my daughter….but, I’d like it if ya got the bloody hell out! ” she ordered. “At this time o’ night…? Where am I gonna go, eh?  ” he began to argue. “I don’t care if ya go back to Ana’s place….Just, get out! ” she yelled, turning her back to him as he left in a huff!
Not wanting to wake Jodie up so late, he checked into The Hilton, knowing she’d be waiting for him there. He turned up at her hotel room. “Why’d ya do it, Ana? I specifically asked ya not to call me at my home! ” he demanded to know, as she answered the door and suppressed a victorious smile as he recounted what had happened. “Why d’you think I did it, Mon amour? ” she whispered seductively, kissing him passionately in order to silence him, before pulling him into the room.


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