THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 34

A/N: I can’t believe this story’s gettin so many reads an’ likes! I 💘 everyone who read! I’d love to turn it into a romcom someday (any movie producers out there? 😋), not cuz I’d wanna make big bucks, but cuz I’d love to meet David Tennant an’ see this amazin actor act in it! I’ve incorporated his roles an’ the various characters that he’s portrayed so brilliantly into this story, partly fictionalized em, an’ the character o’ Jack Murphy was written with im in mind an’ has a ton o’ references to im an’ his movies an’ characters in it. Don’t worry, the journey hasn’t ended yet…So, enjoy this next chapter, my lovelies👇

“Death by ketchup! ” she cried out naughtily, squirting ketchup in his face as they sat across from each other, digging into the fish an’ chips. “Blood! I’m far too young to die!” a ketchup stained Jack cried out, feigning pain while he scrambled across the table to swipe the bottle from his giggling daughter. He fell back into his chair as he felt his phone buzz. “You were supposed to be the showstopper at Jonny Choo’s fashion show today? Where are you? ” Jodie yelled at the other end. “Aw…geez! I thought I told ya to cancel all my stuff for today….Well, bloody cancel it now! I can’t make it, kay? I’m s’possed to be spendin quality time with my daughter.” he excused himself, answering the call in a corner of the shop. “That was work. Where were we? Right! I was dyin! ” he whispered, taking a seat. Suddenly, the doors swung open. “Oh, my god! They travel in packs! How’d they find out?! ” he exclaimed in horror. “Sweetums, get behind me! It’s the crazy people who’re always after dad! ” he ordered, pulling her aside. “Ya mean, yer fans, dad? ” she asked, hiding behind a protective Jack. “No….It’s the paparazzi!! ” he replied, widening his eyes in horror, as the noisy photographers pushed and squeezed their way into the already crowdy restaurant.


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