THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 33

A few years later:
“So, did ya have a great day? ” he asked, slinging Rose’s backpack over his shoulder as they walked to the car after school. “What counts as a great day? ” she asked, staring up at him with her intelligent, saucer eyes. “Let’s see…how ol are ya…ten, right?” he scrunched up his face, pretending to think hard, while she looked on anxiously. “Did ya smack a boy’s face into a wall?” he asked jokingly, as they reached the car. “No. That doesn’t sound great, dad.” she replied innocently, as he helped her into the car and tossed her bag onto the backseat. He offered to help her with her seatbelt like he used to when she was five, but she was a big girl now, refusing his help and buckling up herself. He glanced around, winking at the starstruck mums, before gliding smoothly and stylishly into the driver’s seat and grinned toothily as they almost swooned. “Well, I remember I did that once in school, ya know, when I was yer age.Whooped a posh boy named Jackie Cross right into the wall….wham! ” he recounted, providing the realistic sound effects with his mouth, as his daughter giggled. “Then, what happened? ” she asked,anxiously. “Well, he had a big bump on his head. An’ yer dad had a big pain in his nose, coz the posh boy bit im as payback, right o’er ere!” he replied, pointing to the bridge of his  nose with a goofy grin. “Ow! Is that why yer nose is all wonky? ” she asked, scrunching her face up in a pained expression. “Wonky? Ya really think my nose’s wonky? For yer information,millions o’ women round the globe swoon o’er this handsome face, smarty!” he defended himself, as he drove. “It’s wonkier than Owen Wilson’s nose! ” she mumbled, with a wicked grin. “Well, lemme tell ya….Owen Wilson wishes he had a perfect nose like mine…Ro-Ro! ” he teased, flashing her a wicked grin of his own, knowing she hated that nickname! “Dad, don’t call me that! It was fine when I was five. An’ you’ve got bunny teeth ,by the way!  ” she teased, “Bunny teeth?! Well, I’m gonna nibble at ya with em!” he declared, making a biting motion, while she squealed with laughter. “No…those, ya inherited from yer mummy! ” he joked. “Dad, look! Fish an’ chips! Stop ere! ” she ordered, looking out the window with a jolly smile. “Whatever ya say….Ro-ro! ” he replied, as they came to a stop. “Just don’t tell mummy, kay? She prefers ya eatin home cooked meals an’ me stickin to my diet. She’d throw a fit! ” he warned, as they walked hand in hand.


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