THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 32

“Never grow up…” he whispered to little Rose, as she lay asleep on his chest. Ruth smiled sweetly, looking up from her book at the father and daughter. “…An’ if ya do, please don’t secretly smoke reefer in the high school library, like yer mummy did! ” he warned, teasingly. “That was one time! An’ no one says reefer anymore, granddad! ” she teased, rolling her eyes at him, as she moved closer, resting her head on his pillow as they watched their darling daughter gurgling in her sleep. “We should probably put er to sleep in er crib before she gets any ideas about reefer or somethin! ” his concerned wife suggested, as he chuckled softly. She held the baby, cradling her, as he sat up. She handed her over to him, before he headed out the door. “An’ I’ve got a few ideas o’ my own for ya, later! ” he exclaimed with a saucy wink, peeking back into the room at his wife. “Save the cheesy lines for the movies, casanova! ” a blushing Ruth advised, with a hearty laugh, as she lovingly watched them disappear into the baby room next to the couple’s bedroom. She put down her book, following them, smiling while she stood at the doorway and watched him whisper sweet nothings to their angel, before he tucked her and her  favorite dolly in for the night.

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