THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 31

Cameo by Peter Capaldi as himself
He was notified about her going into labor via a text from Aggie as the names of the nominees were being announced. He was about to leave, when his name was announced, much to his surprise! Stunned, he went on stage to receive his first Emmy. “Look at me…I’m literally shudderin at the sight o’ this beauty in my arms! Oh, gosh….I’ve a million people to thank! My agent, my ever supportive mum, my wife….” the nervous fella began his speech, grinning giddily. “…my wife….who’s in the hospital, givin birth to our first child at this very moment….An’ I’m s’possed to be by her side…but instead, I’m ere. Sorry, folks, I’ve to go! I’m gonna be a dad! ” he realized, feeling a sense of responsibility as the thought of his beloved pregnant wife cut short his victory celebration. “Oh, right.…can’t show up at the hospital with this! Where do I…? I’ll just hand it o’er to ya, Mr. Capaldi. How bout ya find someone to send that o’er to my address, eh? It was a pleasure sharin the stage with ya, mate! ” he exclaimed, hurriedly returning the statuette to his presenter, Peter Capaldi. The whole venue was filled with applause as he ran outta the venue. As soon as he reached outside, he hired a cab so he could be by his wife.
“My bundle o’ joy! Wow! She’s heavier than an Emmy, eh? An’ waaay more precious! ” he cooed, holding the newborn in his arms carefully, while Ruth looked on and smiled. “I’m never lettin ya outta my sight, gorgeous.” he promised, holding the baby close to his chest. “Lemme at er, wontcha? ” aunt Aggie insisted, before he handed her over. “Look at those rosy cheeks  an’ that nose! Thank god she didn’t inherit anything from ya, eh, Jack? ” his sister teased, as she and Ruth admired the sleeping infant. “Well, she hasn’t opened er eyes yet, has she? ” a cheeky Jack retorted, grinning as he sat beside them on the edge of the bed. “Have ya thought o’ a name yet? ” a curious Aggie asked, handing the baby back to the proud mum. “Well, probably Jacky….or not! ” Jack began to reply, before changing his mind on seeing his wife’s glare at his choice of name! “Rose.” Ruth whispered, planting a kiss on the baby’s rosy cheeks. “Aye! That’s it! I like that….Rose.” he agreed enthusiastically, caressing his cuddly little one’s soft and pretty face.


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