THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 30

A few months of morning sickness later:
“Can’t believe yer off without me. I’m usually accompanying ya on all yer shoots…even the ones in foreign locations.” a heavily preggers Ruth whispered, as she hesitantly let go of his arm as he prepared to board his flight. He was leaving for Switzerland to shoot for a movie with the scintillating Ana L’Leon who’d finally let bygones be bygones and signed her next two movies with the Scottish star. “An’ I can’t believe ya insisted on dropping me off ere at the airport. Ya should be at home restin.” he advised, pecking her on the forehead. “Just come back to me safely, kay?” she sniffled, wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug. “Cross my heart…An’ hope to die! ” he joked, breaking into a toothy grin! “Don’t even joke about it, mister! Just call me when ya reach, kay? ” she scolded, smacking him lightly on his head. “Ow! ” he let out a cry, feigning hurt. “An’ just bring me a souvenir! But, none o’ that Swiss cheese. It gives me the runs! ” his sister Agnes (who’d arrived from Scotland to visit the happy couple and take care of her expectant sister-in-law in his absence) reminded, to his embarrassment, as everyone at the airport gawked on hearing her! “Ya just take care of my wife, kay, Aggie?” he ordered, as he waved goodbye to his sister and blew a kiss to his wife.He was almost at the boarding gate, when he heard a cry of pain from behind him.
“Don’t worry.We’ll get ya to the hospital, love.” he whispered, as he and Aggie helped her up. “I’ll be alright. You’ve gotta go…You’ll miss yer flight, love.” Ruth reminded. “Oh,no, no way am I leavin an’ missin the birth o’ our child.” he declared, placing her arm around him before carefully carrying her out with Aggie hurrying behind. She held on to him and smiled up at him, fighting back the pain and tears.
The result arrived a few minutes later at the hospital. “So…it was a false alarm! ” Jack muttered with a frown, as he and Aggie sat beside her bed. “Sorry I made ya miss yer flight, love.” she whispered apologetically, placing a hand over his. “It’s ok, love. I’m a husband an’ dad-to-be first. Then, an actor.” he comforted her, lovingly squeezing her hand. “Judgin from yer agent’s face….nothin’s ok! ” Aggie exclaimed, turning his attention to Jodie who glared at him from the doorway. “Thought I’d find ya here. D’you know what you’ve done? You’ve missed the biggest opportunity of your life! You almost cost me my job! I had to face the producers’ wrath….” she complained, flailing her arms frantically as she spoke. “Aww,gee….I’m really sorry, Jo…” he began to apologize, as his wife and sister looked on. “Don’t interrupt! An’ what’s worse is I’d to face Mr. Spielberg’s wrath! D’you know what that’s like?! ” she continued, her face red with embarrassment at the memory and anger at Jack’s actions. “Nope.” he gulped. “The man’s like a freakin T-rex when he flies into a rage! An’ what’s worse is that Ana threw a tantrum an’ she’s refusin to work with you…ever! Well, not until ya apologize, anyway.” she finished, finally stopping to catch a breath. “I think I’ll go get some coffee. Let stuff around ere cool down, eh? ” his sister excused herself, before disappearing out the door. “I could’ve lost my job….But, what d’you care? Once, ya get your Emmy, you’ll probably forget poor Jodie! ” she sighed, making herself comfy on a chair in the corner of the room. “My…what?! An Emmy?  ” he asked, in surprise on hearing her. “Yeah, an Emmy. I guess it must’ve slipped my mind, but you were nominated a few days ago.” she revealed. “Did ya hear that, love? An Emmy! ” he exclaimed, ecstatically. She flashed him a proud smile from the bed. “Now, if you’ll excuse me. I’ve gotta find the damn stairwell of this hospital so I can finally smoke! ” she muttered, before hurrying out. “What’s her problem? ” Aggie asked, entering with the coffee. “Gone out for a smoke. An’ I’m winnin an Emmy, by the way! ” he revealed with a wide grin. “That’s so awesome! I’m sooo proud o’ ya! ” his sister cried out happily, before pulling him into a tight hug. “As soon as we get outta this depressing place, we’re celebratin! ” she whispered into his ear, as his equally happy wife looked on.

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