THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 29

The gift of a car

Wow, does that man ever take a break?! ” Ruth muttered in surprise, looking out the window down at a familiar face. “Hey, Joss! What brings you ere? ” Jack asked once they reached downstairs, waving to the director who was leaning against a shiny red convertible. “I was actually waiting for you both. Uh…nice place you’ve got there! ”  Joss replied, flashing them a friendly smile. “I’d say the same about yer ride! ” Ruth, who’d taken a liking to Mr. Whedon, complimented. “Well, I’m glad you like it, cuz it’s yours now!” he revealed with a grin, handing the keys over to an astonished Jack! “No….we really shouldn’t. I mean…” a hesitant Jack stuttered, handing the keys back. “I insist. It’s a gift, for making my show such a hit, bud.” he insisted. “It’s too much…” she hesitated too. After a lotta insistence from the adamant filmmaker, the couple accepted the gift. “At least this saves us some money for the tube ride we were gonna take to the suburbs. D’you want a lift, Joss?” Jack asked, staring at the gleaming keys in his hand. “I mean, it’s the least we could do.” Ruth offered, politely. “Nah! Think I’ll try the bus today. Haven’t done that in a while now.” he replied, to their surprise. He began to walk in a random direction, before turning towards them with a clueless expression. “You folks wouldn’t mind telling me where the bus stop is, would you? ” he asked. “We’ll drive ya. Just hop into the bloody car, would ya? ” an amused Jack ordered , putting the key into ignition. An equally amused Ruth, who sat beside her husband in the front seat, suppressed a chuckle as a blushing Joss made himself comfy in the back seat. “I hope I remember my driving lessons. I haven’t driven since I crashed mum’s ol Bug into a loch.” Jack whispered nervously to his wife, before gulping nervously. “Wh…what was that, now?! ” a jumpy Joss asked, overhearing him. “He was just joking! ” Ruth assured, as Jack tightened his sweaty palms around the steering wheel, and they set off!


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