THE ACTOR’S WIFE : Chapter 28

“Today’s a Sunday.” she mumbled, feeling  him climbing out of bed. “I know. I’ve just got a thing.” he explained, laying next to her again with a smile. She grinned satisfactorily as he cuddled her. “Don’t actors take a day off? ” she joked. “It’s not for work. I just have a home to look at.” he revealed, pressing his lips against her ear as he spoke. “A home?” she asked, turning towards him with a surprised smile. “Aye! I thought, what with us gonna be parents an’ all, we might need a bigger place, eh? ” he explained, flashing her a toothy grin, before lovingly tucking a loose strand behind her ear. “It’s in the suburbs.” he whispered. “Yer gonna miss the city.” she teased, with a chuckle. “Well…it’s got its charms, but the suburbs are more peaceful an’ less noisy. Sorta like back home in Scotland. Besides, it’ll be a great place for the tyke to grow up in, eh? ” he explained. His smiling wife looked up at him, pecking him tenderly on his chin.  “Oh….I love you.” she whispered tearfully, resting her head against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her in a warm embrace. “I love ya too…An’ I can’t wait to be a dad! ” he exclaimed eagerly, planting a kiss on top of her head.

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