THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 27

A few months later:
“You ok, Ruth? ” Mrs. Pierre, the French teacher asked, as her colleague exited the washroom, wiping the corner of her mouth with her scarf. She’d been feeling nauseous since morning and had vomited. “I’m fi….I dunno.” she mumbled. She decided to hurry home, excusing herself. On a hunch, she picked up a pregnancy kit on the way home.
“Hey, Mitch? Is my hubby around? ” she asked, dropping in on the sets of his show. “Decided to surprise him, huh?” Mitch asked with a friendly smile, gesturing to his trailer before turning her attention back to the script that rested on her lap, reading it as she slowly sipped on her iced tea. “Yea…Sorta.” Ruth mumbled, hurrying towards the trailer. She knocked, nervous on how he’d respond when she revealed the news to him. “Hi, love!” he greeted, opening the door for her and inviting her in. “Wow! Ya sorta look hot in those glasses! ” she gushed, noticing him sporting a pair of reading glasses, which he adjusted as he busily browsed through his script. “Oh…these? Glasses are cool! I only wear em on the show though. Joss figures the fan girls’ll go ga-ga o’er em…whatever that means! ” he explained, letting out a soft chuckle as he removed them and set them down. “Can’t believe it’s the second season already, eh? ” he exclaimed proudly, leaning against the tiny table in the corner of his cramped trailer as he spoke. She nodded in agreement. “So…why’d ya drop o’er? School let out early or somethin? ” he asked curiously, noticing his usually talkative wife hadn’t said much. “I’m pregnant.” she revealed. “Yer…really? I….I mean…I’m gonna be a dad?” he asked, after the news had sunk in. “I’m gonna be a dad! ” he exclaimed loudly, hugging her as smiles broke out on both their faces. “I’m finally gonna have someone to carry on my legacy…An’ to accompany me to Comic-Cons! ” he gushed, dreamily. She chuckled, amused by his excitement. Suddenly, they were interrupted by a knock on the trailer’s door. “We heard you noisy lot! ” Mitch exclaimed, with a grin. She was joined by the rest of the crew who gathered into the trailer to congratulate the couple.



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