THE ACTOR’S WIFE : Chapter 26

“Jack, I think I wanna work.” she spoke her mind, as they sat to eat one night. “Sorry…ya wanna…what? ” he asked, not hearing her, as he finally finished checking his texts/email and put aside his phone. “Work.” she repeated, waiting for his reply. “Oh! I thought ya said twerk! ” he exclaimed, with a snicker. “Someone’s been catchin up on Miley Cyrus, eh?” she joked, surprised he knew about twerking, before Twitter. “Just somethin I saw on the tube.” he muttered. “The tube? D’you mean, YouTube? ” she corrected, watching him tuck into the food. “Mmhmm..that’s the one! ” he exclaimed, with his mouth full of baked potato. “So, what d’you think? I mean, Bret’s already found me a job. As a substitute for his girlfriend. She’s preggers.” his eager wife explained, picking at her food as she spoke. He raised an eyebrow. “Fine! He knocked er up, kay? ” Ruth revealed. “Again, livin the American dream! ” he joked, taking a sip of water. “I was hopin you’d be ok with it. I mean, I’ll be comin home a bit late once I start the job.” she began to explain. “I dunno, love. I mean, why d’you need a job, huh? Isn’t it enough that I earn? ” he interrupted her, before stuffing a piece of bread into his mouth. “Cuz I wanna work, Jack. What’s the point o’ havin a degree, if I don’t have a job? ” she asked. “Wouldn’t it be easier if I was the sole bread earner, Ruthy? ” he replied, calmly. “Jack, I dropped everythin so ya could move ere an’ follow yer passion. So, ya wouldn’t be alone while ya did what ya do best- act. The least ya could do is lemme follow my passion an’ support me while I do what I do best- teach. you don’t want kids, at least the tykes at school will keep me occupied. I think I’d be happier around em.” she stood by her decision to start working, as she stood up to clear the table. “Well,no…but…” he began to reply. He thought for a while before replying. “Fine! If it’ll help ya get yer mind off the idea o’ havin babies, ya can take up a job.” he agreed, guilted into submission. “Love ya! Now, c’mon, help me do the dishes! ” an ecstatic Ruth ordered, pecking him on the cheek, before gesturing to him to pick up his empty plate. “I just agreed with ya. Why am I bein punished for it?! ” he called out jokingly, before following his smiling wife into the kitchen.


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