THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 25

“Jack, d’you ever think about, ya know, startin a family? Havin a baby? ” Ruth asked anxiously, browsing through the millions of photos that Mrs. O’Donnell’s shared. “Mum’s turned ya all sentimental with er tweets, eh?” Jack joked, avoiding the topic of kids. “No. I just think we should start a family, love. Wouldn’t yer mum want a lil grandchild too? A lil cuddly angel to shower my motherly love on, ya know? ” she continued, becoming rather emotional. “Not now, love. Can’t it wait? ” he asked hesitantly, intent on fixing the air conditioner and getting it over and done with. “Sure! My eagerness to be a mum can wait!” she muttered sarcastically at his response. “I meant, I’m just startin out an’ we don’t even have a proper home yet, love. Surely, ya understand.” he explained, letting out a sigh of relief as he finally succeeded in fixing the air conditioner and switched it on. He wiped off a drop of sweat that rolled down his face from his sweat soaked hair, smiling proudly as the cold air swept over his face. “Of course, I understand.” she muttered unsatisfactorily, pulling the covers over herself so he wouldn’t notice her tears . “Now, I need my sleep. I’ve a long day tomorrow. G’night, love.” he whispered, shutting his eyes with a weary sigh before dozing off.


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