THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 24

“Hey, Mitch, d’you wanna run lines with me? ” Jack requested to his co-star who was busy multitasking- tapping away on her phone screen while munching on a tuna sandwich in her trailer. “Mmhmm…” she replied absent mindedly, without looking up from the phone. “Right, I’ll just let ya finish yer texting, then? ” he asked, impatiently. “No, that’s ok! I was just tweeting, but I’m done now.” she replied, finally putting away the phone. “Tweeting?” a confused Jack asked, not so familiar with social media. “You’ve never heard about Twitter? ” she asked in disbelief. “What in the bloody hell is Twitter? ” he questioned. “Seriously, dude?! ” she shot him another look of disbelief, in reply!
“D’you know there’s a site where I can interact with my fans? It’s called Twitter, I believe.” he explained later that night to Ruth, as he fidgeted about with the air conditioner, trying to fix it. “That’s…fascinating! ” she muttered, feigning fascination, while she busily scrolled through her phone screen. “Ya already knew about it, didn’t ya? ” he asked, feeling embarrassed by the fact that he was the only one who wasn’t aware of it. “Well, everyone knows about it, even yer mum! Look, she’s even got an account an’ everything- @Old_not_obsolete. She mostly shares yer baby pics! ” his wife revealed, showing him the phone screen, before bursting into giggles at a photo of a geeky, young Jack on his first day of school, which his mum’s just shared! “Ohh…I’m gonna have a long conversation with er about this! ” he muttered through gritted teeth, before turning his attention back to the broken air conditioner. “Ya can tweet er. I already made ya an account! How does the username @SexiestScot sound?” his teasing wife asked, her grinning face illuminated by the bright light of the phone screen. “Just hand me the screwdriver, wontcha?” he ordered, blushing at the mention of his username!

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