THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 23

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“There. I’ll probably apologize to er in person later, but for now, an email’s gotta be enough, right? ” he went over the email on his screen, before asking Ruth’s approval, as she quietly laid out his clothes on the bed for him. “I dunno. I’ll tell ya somethin though…I miss that macho bloke who went bonkers that one time when a rash driver overtook him on his moped while riding through the Highlands! ” she reminisced. “Oi! That bastard almost totalled my dad’s Vespa! Also, I was tryin to impress ya, since it was our first date an’ all!” he defended himself. “The Jack I know wouldn’t apologize to some spoilt heiress. I’m just sayin, I think Hollywood’s softened ya up, love.” she muttered. “No, it hasn’t! ” he cried out in disagreement, slamming the laptop shut. “I’m gonna go get dressed. I’ve got a shoot to get to, woman!” he excused himself, before hurrying out of the room with his clothes. “Ya know I’m right!” she called out after him.
“Ya wanna come along? ” he asked her, putting on a denim jacket over his white printed tee and red corduroy pants, as he stood at the doorway. “No, I’ve gotta go shoppin for some groceries an’…uh, call someone up to fix that air conditioning.” she replied. “Aww, geez! Did it conk off again?! Ya know what? Don’t waste any money on those darned mechanics! I’ll try an’ fix it myself when I get back, kay? ” he promised,frowning at the thought of hiring an expensive expert mechanic. “Sure, ya will!” she remarked, sarcastically. “Oi, I mean it! Besides, I sorta figure this is gonna prove that I’m still that macho bloke who ya love, right? ” he retorted, breaking into a toothy grin, before giving her a goodbye kiss.


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