THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 22

The next morning:
“Look at that! I’m on page three! ” Ruth exclaimed proudly, as Jack showed her the newspaper at the breakfast table. “Aye! An’ for all the wrong reasons! ” he muttered, embarrassingly. ” Spillovers and hangovers: Newbie actor’s temperamental wife ruins Joss Whedon’s party and Ana L’Leon’s Versace gown, both in one night! ” she read out loudly as he held it up in front of her. A frown formed on her face as she read the word temperamental. “Helluva caption though! Ya know, she deserved it! She was actin like a complete bit..” she began to defend her actions, with her mouth full. “Wait a min…. Ya did that on purpose?! An’ all this time I thought ya were just actin like a drunken nuisance! ” he interrupted in disbelief, on hearing her. “I knew what I was doin when I spilt my drink all o’er that haughty seductress!” she muttered, before swallowing her cornflakes. “That was a childish thing to do! ” he scolded, glaring at an unconcerned Ruth as she calmly finished her breakfast. “There’s no point in being grown up, if ya can’t act a lil childish sometimes.” she shamelessly began to quote Tom Baker, while a tense Jack paced the room. “Ya almost tarnished my reputation, ya know that?! Jodie just called. Says Ana’s thinkin o’er the idea o’ debuting opposite me, after last night! You’ve gotta apologize to er! ” he pleaded, following her as she walked over to the sink to do the dishes. “Yer fibbin, right? I’m not apologizin to anyone, especially not to er!” she argued, wiping off the plates with a dishcloth. “Just an email will do. Ya don’t even have to meet er in person.” he pleaded. “Why dontcha work on that email, while I finish these dishes? Ya won’t help out with em anyway, so ya might as well work on that super important email for yer girlfriend! ” his fed up wife muttered, as he walked out of the kitchen with an exasperated sigh.


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