THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 21

The seductive French starlet, Ana L'leon

Aww, geez…where’d she go? ” Jack muttered to himself, going in search of his wife, who was nowhere to be seen out on the dark deck lit only by the white light of the moon. He finally found her atop a railing, clinging onto it as she leant dangerously further over it, while the yacht rocked about. “Ruthy, you’d better not fall in, coz I’m not jumpin in to save ya! That water must be bloody freezin! ” a concerned Jack warned, stretching out his hand worryingly towards her to help her down. “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could recreate the iconic scene from Titanic right now? D’you wanna? ” she suggested in jest, letting go of the railing to stretch out her arms. “Just get down from there. Yer pissed as a newt! ” he scolded, staying close to her to catch her in case she fell. “Am not! I’m completely scober! ” she disagreed slurringly, before losing her balance and stumbling back into him. “Of course, yer completely sober, love! ” he remarked sarcastically, as he steadied her, before taking off his jacket to wrap it around her shivering shoulders. Oh, look! Yer girlfriend’s ere! ” she teased drunkenly, gesturing to Ana who stood on the deck with Jodie. The moonlight illuminated her face, thus making her appear even more gorgeous…and making Ruth even more jealous! Jack gulped nervously, as she strutted towards the couple. “You must be Monsieur Jack. She’s told me all about you. She’s been, how you say, singing your praises,no? ” she revealed in her sultry French-accent, gesturing to Jodie as she spoke, at the same time moving closer to a sweaty Jack and making Ruth all the more jealous and uncomfortable! “Uh-huh! ” a frozen Jack finally spoke up, not knowing what to say. “Frenchie got yer tongue? ” a giggly Ruth whispered to him, mockingly and rather jealously. “Well, if ya won’t introduce me, I’ll introduce myself! Hullo, I’m Ruth. Mrs. Ruth O’Donnell.” she introduced herself, in a boastful manner. “Anyway, I’m thinking of debuting in Hollywood and I was hoping you’d be my co-star. How about we meet tomorrow and talk it over, hmm? ” she asked softly and sultrily, shooting daggers at Ruth, pushing her aside as she pressed against Jack. “Brilliant! ” he agreed. “I’ll see you, then! Au revoir, cheri! ” she exclaimed, before pecking a blushing Jack on his cheek. “I didn’t get a kiss.” Ruth remarked cheekily, pulling him away, as the vixenish heiress turned to leave. “Well, I didn’t want to chap my lips!” she retorted, turning around on hearing her and flashing her a haughty look! “Well, yer mighty ru…ooops! Look at what’s happened now! ” Ruth feigned concern, as she emptied the contents of her glass all over the proud heiress’ designer gown in a fit of jealousy. “Pouffiasse! Do you know how expensive this gown was?!” the enraged heiress cried out, as Ruth grinned wickedly, content with what she’d done! “Mademoiselle L’Leon, let’s just leave. I’ll sort it out, ok? ” Jodie restrained her. “And Jack? I suggest you take her home before she further ruins your reputation! ” the exasperated agent suggested, before scurrying off to comfort Ana who’d left in a huff, leaving behind an embarrassed Jack who now had to deal with the judgemental looks from the guests who’d gathered on the deck on hearing the commotion.


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