THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 20

Aboard the yacht

“It’s a bloody boat! The party’s on a bloody boat?! Why didn’t ya tell us that? ” Jack asked in disbelief, as they were led across the brightly lit pier by Jodie, making their way to the party venue- a huge yacht floating on the moonlit water! “Well, what did you expect?” Jodie replied, with a roll of her eyes. “A mansion, a nightclub maybe….not a bloody boat! ” Jack replied, widening his eyes. “Calm down! It’s how posh people roll, love! Shall we? ” Ruth calmed him down, before enthusiastically linking her arm around his, pulling him along onto the crowded yacht. Jack was at a loss for words as Joss proudly showed them around the various rooms aboard his yacht and he saw a glint in Ruth’s eyes as they arrived to the large dance floor, where the celebrity guests were dancing….to live music by Maroon 5! He spotted her amidst the crowd, beckoning to him as she mouthed the lyrics of Stereo Heart along with the band. He flashed her a grin before joining her on the dance floor.
“Is the Pinot Noir not to yer liking, sire? ” Ruth asked mockingly, staring in disgust as Jack took a sip of the wine and immediately sputtered it back into the glass! They were taking a break from dancing and sampling the free champagne, wine and cocktails at the bar. “Look who it is! Ana L’Leon! ” he exclaimed, gesturing to a gorgeous woman in a backless gown, while his wife dabbed at the wine dripping down the corner of his mouth with a napkin. “She’s the wealthiest heiress. An’ only the most beautiful woman.” he praised, eliciting a glare from his jealous, insulted wife who swiped the napkin harshly at his face in a bid to snap him back into reality! “I meant, most beautiful woman in L.A., love! Surely, ya knew that! ” he tried to save himself, charmingly. “Save it, casanova! Ya almost have smoke comin out from under yer collar! ” she interrupted, grabbing her umpteenth margarita off the bar counter, before walking out with it onto the deck, leaving him to gaze at the heiress who was soon engulfed by her fans.

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