THE ACTOR’S WIFE : Chapter 19

“Love, where do we keep the Jammie Dodgers that mum sent? ” Jack’s desperate voice wafted into the bedroom where Ruth was busy making the bed. “Top shelf. Just don’t fill up, kay? Keep some space for all that fancy party food! ” she advised, smiling ecstatically as she plumped up the pillows. “There ya are, my sweets!” he muttered, grinning childishly, as he reached out a lanky hand for the cookie jar in the kitchen cabinet. He’d just begun to bite into one, when the doorbell rang and his wife answered the door. “Oh…My….God! ” she squealed. “What happened?! ” he asked, running to the door on hearing her squeal, only to stop short. “Mother o’ pearl! What’s all this?” he exclaimed in bewilderment, letting the half eaten cookie drop to the floor, on seeing a row of clothes racks being pushed into their cramped little apartment. He saw Ruth in a corner with her hands covering her mouth, suppressing her squeals of surprise. Jodie tottered in later, followed by a group of fancily dressed people who piled into the apartment. “Clothes for the party an’ your very own stylists! ” the agent announced. “Wh…when ya said you’d have someone o’er….we thought ya meant like a limo driver, ya know, to take us to the venue….not this! This is…! ” his previously speechless wife spoke up. “Love, why dontcha fetch our guests some tea? Jammie Dodger, anyone?” Jack the polite professional offered, not letting the sight overwhelm him.”First things first! Tuxes an’ designer gowns. Go ahead! Pick one, any one you like! ” Jodie insisted, nudging the couple. “Ohh….they’re absolutely gorgeous! This blue one is utterly…..beautiful! ” a twinkly-eyed Ruth exclaimed in awe, examining the gowns. “An’ these tuxes! I saw Brad Pitt wearing this one in a magazine once! ” an equally awestruck Jack exclaimed, examining the tuxes, picking the one that caught his eye. “It’s the same one! Go on, try em! ” Jodie urged, nibbling at a Jammie Dodger, grinning as she watched the childlike looks on their faces. “An’ later, we’re gonna have Marco, Marie an’ their team work their magic on ya. They’re the best stylists in L.A.! ” she boasted, gesturing to the auburn haired couple who’d already begun to unroll their styling kits and open their cosmetic cases out on the couple’s couch.

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