THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 18

“Home girl? ” a bewildered Ruth exclaimed, not detecting a hint of the usual phoniness in Jodie’s voice. “You are my hero! ” the genuinely grateful agent thanked, stopping to catch her breath before suddenly hugging a surprised Ruth. “You mean, heroine.” Ruth corrected, pulling away from the crazed agent. “What’re you, a grammar teacher?” Jodie teased with a toothy grin. “Actually, I did teach high school English back in Scotland. Anyway, what’s with you? Looks like ya escaped from the loony bin or somethin! ” Ruth mocked, while Jack suppressed a snortle. “Whatevs, home slice! I just wanted to thank you for gettin him to do the show. I really do appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart! ” Jodie continued with her use of youthful slangs, ignoring Ruth’s mockery with a warm smile. “Did ya hear that, love? From the bottom o’ her heart? I didn’t know she had one! ” Ruth whispered jokingly to her husband. “Oh, your jokes are gonna be a hit at the party tonight! ” a smiling Jodie praised. “Party? What party? ” Jack asked, raising an eyebrow. “Joss’s throwing a party at his place tonight at 7. To announce his new show an’ to unveil the leads of his show, of course! Anyway, I’ll be sending someone by later, kay? ” the excited agent explained. “Ya mean, a car to pick us up? ” Jack asked, attempting to appear professional by not jumping up and down like a child at the mention of the party! “Yup, something like that.” the secretive agent replied, flashing him a smile that indicated that she was hiding something. “Well, she’s weird,isn’t she?” a suspicious Jack muttered, turning to his already ecstatic wife, who was on the verge of breaking into a jolly jig! “Who cares?! Did ya hear that?! Our first Hollywood party,with celebrities, paté, caviar, champagne….” a hopeful Ruth began to rattle off. “Don’t get yer hopes up, love. I think I might skip it! We didn’t pack for a party an’ we’re not filthy rich yet, remember? Even a rented tux costs money, ya know? Think I’ll politely decline…” he began to explain. “They’ll probably have cake! ” she squealed, in a bid to change her cake-loving husband’s mind. There was a long pause, as he thought it over. “Cake? Woohoo! We’re goin to a party! ” he exclaimed in excitement.


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