THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 16

My tribute to Doctor Who an’ Buffy the vampire slayer.

The Astronomer and his companion

The lonely time traveller hummed Downtown as he set the coordinates for downtown New York on his time machine’s console. He’d heard only good things about the downtown area. Of course when he landed he found himself in a dark alley. “Petula Clark’s a liar! ” he thought to himself, unimpressed by his surroundings. “Dinner’s here! ” an unsettling voice exclaimed, followed by wicked laughs. He turned around, to face a group of hungry looking vampires who bared their fangs at him! “This is a first! Our dinner’s wandered right into our home! ” one of them mocked, as he was surrounded. “Yer home? I should’ve known! ” he muttered mockingly, in his thick Scottish accent. That angered them, as they swooped in for the kill! He staggered back, as a blonde girl carrying a stake appeared out of the darkness, fighting off the thirsty bloodsuckers single handedly. Soon, the dank, dirty floor was covered in bloody corpses. He seemed impressed, grinning at the girl in her bloody tank top. “You ok? What’re you even doin here? You lost? ” she hounded him with questions, suspiciously. “I’m fine. I’ve faced much scarier creatures in my lifetime! May I ask yer name, m’lady? ” the boastful time traveler asked, charmingly. “I’m Andrea Williams. Andy for short. An’ you? ” she introduced, looking around the empty alley for any more vampires who might be lurking about. “I’m The Astronomer.” he introduced proudly, like he expected her to have heard about him and his adventures. “So…people actually call you that…or is that like your profession or somethin? ” she asked, flashing him a clueless look. “My enemies fear that name. An’ I actually have a cool profession, well it’s not really my profession….I’ll just blurt it out, I’m a time traveler! ” the rambling time traveler revealed.
Cut! ” Joss yelled out, as Jack and his co-star, Michelle Archers AKA Mitch made their way off the set and towards him. “Was it any good? ” the anxious actors asked in unison. “Jinx! ” she exclaimed, flashing a smile at him. “See? I told you I could thaw that hatred between you two.” Joss beamed, glad to see his lead actors getting along. “What hatred? ” Jack joked. He himself was astonished that he’d finished filming a scene with the very girl whom he’d insulted. Both of them had in fact let out unhappy groans when they’d seen each other on set earlier that day. By the end of the shoot, they’d become fast friends! “I dunno, but I’ve got a good feelin about this show! ” Jack exclaimed, flashing his co-star a toothy grin. “Well, I’m glad to know that you changed your mind, coz lemme tell you the best part….You get to do your own stunts! ” Joss revealed, excitedly. “Woohoo! ” Mitch (the more adventurous of the two) squealed, to Jack’s amusement.


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