THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 15

“So…How’d it go? ” his concerned wife asked, setting a cup of coffee down in front of him, as they sat in the kitchen later that day. “Well, I might’ve ticked off a lesbian….But, other than that, it went really really well!” he replied calmly, before taking a sip. “Did ya blow their minds?” she asked curiously, getting her hopes up . “Maybe. It’s too soon to say. I dunno if I’m even gonna get the role, love.” he muttered, crossing his fingers.
A few days later, one morning:
“Guess what? ” he asked in a sprightly voice, loud enough to wake Ruth up! “Ya got the part! ” she replied, opening her eyes drowsily. “Oi! Yer s’possed to guess! Besides, how’d ya know? ” he asked, surprised by her correct response. “I overheard yer conversation with Jodie. Does that woman ever sleep? ” a fully awake Ruth replied. “Ya know, ya really shouldn’t eaves…” he began to scold, not amused by her eavesdropping, but she interrupted him by quickly pressing her lips against his. “I’m really proud o’ ya, love.” she whispered, pulling away. “So, when d’you start? ” she asked, leaping off to make the bed again, as he leant against his pillow to watch her. “Next week. Ya know, I couldn’t have done this without ya. If ya hadn’t pushed me into auditionin…” he began to thank. “What would ya do without me, eh? ” a boastful Ruth interrupted, teasingly. “C’mere, you!” he exclaimed, tugging at the blanket that she held, causing her to fall atop him on the bed. Ruth let out an excited squeal as he pulled her closer. She ran her fingers through his hair as they kissed passionately, blushing as he pressed his lips on her neck while gradually slipping off her nightgown.


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