THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 14

The next day, Jack found himself in a crowded room full of amateur actors along with a few veterans who were hoping to make a comeback. “So, you ere for the audition too, I s’posse?” he asked, watching as the blonde next to him nervously bit her lip as she read the script. “Well, duh! ” she replied, with a roll of her eyes. “Hey! Wait a min…! You’re the guy from the Okay converse ad! Dude, I’m wearing your shoes! June actually got em for my twenty-ninth birthday last year. Okay converse- comfy an’ cool! Turn every occasion into an Okaysion!” she exclaimed excitedly, gesturing to her pink and white converse as she spoke, before breaking into the ad jingle. “Right, yeah….glad I caught yer attention! An’ they told me it was an ad for men’s shoes! ” an embarrassed Jack muttered, turning his attention back to the script in his hand. “If this thing doesn’t go well for me, it’s back to sellin unisex shoes, I s’posse! ” he muttered, nervously. “You don’t seem enthusiastic about auditioning. Anythin the matter? ”  she asked, concerned by his behavior. “Ya know, I’m only doin this coz my wife insisted on it. Well, actually, nagged me into it! ” he confessed. “So did mine! Wives, right? ” she revealed with a chuckle. “Wait….yer a…a lesbian?! ” he asked in disbelief. “Who d’you think June is, genius? Why’re you so surprised? Were you gonna hit on me? ” she asked, jokingly. “…I just, uh…don’t think they’d be looking for a lesbian for the role, no offense. It’s just that, from what I’ve read, the main characters are s’possed to have a thing for each other an’….Ya know? ” he explained, gesturing to the script as he spoke. An awkward silence followed as she shot him a look that indicated that she felt insulted by his comment! “Just coz I’m a lesbian doesn’t mean I can’t do romantic scenes with men, you jerk!” she blurted out, glaring at him in hurt and a lotta anger! “I…I didn’t mean to insult ya! ” he called out after her, as she crossed the room in a bid to sit far away from him, while everyone in the room stared at him, judgingly.  ” Jack Murphy? You’re next.” a lady wearing a earpiece and carrying a clipboard appeared at the door, calling out to him and thus saving him from further embarrassment!

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