THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 13

“Don’t worry. I’ll try to change his mind.” Ruth promised, showing Jodie the door. “Really stress on the fact that Joss Whedon’s directing it, kay?” the tense agent advised, as she prepared for the long walk down the stairs. “I will. I’ll reel im in! ” she promised, attempting to sound as professional as the agent. “Oh…Don’t start…” he muttered, standing up to leave as she opened her mouth to lecture him about his stubbornness. “Yer gonna sit an’ listen, mister! You can’t afford to be picky, ya know? Yer hardly gettin any other offers.” she argued, as he obediently slumped back into the couch. “I’m not too keen about it. I mean, the plot itself bears a strong resemblance to that silly sci-fi show that yer always goin on about….What’s it….Doctor Who, I believe? Except this one’s got a vampire slayer teaming up with the time traveler. That sounds lamer than Doctor Who, eh? ” he complained, unknowingly angering her. “Silly? I can’t believe yer dissin my favorite show to defend yerself!” his Whovian wife exclaimed. “I’m not! I’m just sayin, I’m not too keen on doin those type o’ shows, ya know? They focus more on the special effects an’ do less to actually showcase an actor’s actin skills. That’s all I’m sayin…” he explained. “An’ I’m sayin you should take the leap. Just audition! You can’t let this slip outta yer hands. We need the money.” she pleaded, squeezing his hand. He paused for a while to think about it.  “Yer right. D’you think I’ll get the part? ” he asked, nervously eyeing the script on the table. “How will you, if you don’t audition? ” she replied. “Yer gonna be great. I know it!” she comforted him with a hug. “But, if you ever diss Doctor Who again, I will kill you!” she warned. “Got it! ” he gulped.


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