THE ACTOR’S WIFE : Chapter 12

“You could’ve warned me that y’all lived in NoElevatorVille! Well, aren’t you gonna invite me in? ” the barefoot agent grumbled. “Right! C’mon in, then! What brings ya ere? ” the friendly Scotsman invited, pleased as pie to see her. “What were you depressed or somethin? Looks like you haven’t shaved or tidied this place up! ”  she asked, feigning concern. She seemed genuinely unimpressed by the apartment though! “Oi! I just tidied up! ” an insulted Ruth exclaimed, showing up and slamming the door behind her, before sitting next to Jack and Jodie on the couch. “Well, then you should definitely shave! ” Jodie muttered. “Think the stubble suits me better! ” he argued. “Let’s see what Joss Whedon has to say about it! You’ve got an audition with him tomorrow. He’s directing a new” she revealed, handing him a script from her posh looking leather handbag. “You would’ve known if you’d answered your phone.” she muttered, as he looked over it. “He waited an’ waited for yer call, but it never came! ” Ruth accused. “But, I…oh, right! Seems I mixed up your number with Jack Nicholson’s! All sorted now! Oops! ” she chuckled, browsing through her contacts and biting her tongue on realizing her mistake. “That’s not highly professional o’ ya, is it? ” Ruth mocked the already embarrassed agent, before flashing a look at Jack that seemed to say- ” Sack her! ” “But, look, I got you a script, didn’t I?” Jodie reminded, gesturing to the script in his hand, in a bid to save face. “An’ I don’t like it! ” he interrupted, seeming disappointed as he returned the script back to her. “What do you mean, you don’t like it? ” a befuddled Jodie demanded an explanation. “It’s a sci-fi telly show.” he replied. “Yea, so it is. But, you still haven’t explained why you don’t like it.” she demanded, still waiting on his explanation. “He doesn’t like sci-fi. Says the genre bores im! He hardly reads a sci-fi novel. I don’t think he’s gonna do the show.” Ruth explained on his behalf. Jodie is speechless and too shocked for words by this revelation. “I think we just killed her! D’you think she’s cryin on the inside? I mean, what’s the big deal? I just don’t like the genre! ” Jack whispered to his wife, as they both stared  at their dumbstruck guest. “I’m sorry…” Jodie apologized, finally speaking, to their relief! “….but, didn’t you hear me say that it’s being directed by Joss Freaking Whedon?!” she asked, still in disbelief over his refusal to audition for the show.


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