THE ACTOR’S WIFE: Chapter 11

A birthday souffle with a sparkler on top (make a wish! 😋)

2 months later:
Happy b’day! Make a wish, love!” Ruth exclaimed cheerfully. “A souffle? That’s all I get? A souffle with a sparkler on top o’ it? It’s my thirtieth birthday an’ I don’t get cake?! ” he complained, staring grumpily at the souffle that she’d painstakingly baked (her words!) “I ran out o’ eggs for a cake. Besides, you love souffles. Now, just make a wish already!” she urged impatiently. “Maybe I should wish for movie offers to come my way. It’s been two months…” he began to grumble. “Two busy months. What about those adverts an’ photo shoots ya did? An’ that short film ya did got a lotta hits on YouTube, eh? ” she reminded, clasping his hand in hers in a bid to comfort him. “Those don’t pay the rent.” he muttered, frowning as the sparkler died out. He looked up as the doorbell rang several times and their landlord’s voice wafted into the apartment – “Rent time! Pay up! ” “Speak o’ the devil! ” Jack muttered, sighing as his wife got up to answer the door. “$250.” the bald man eagerly stretched out a sweaty hand to collect the money. “Oi! When’d the rent go up? ” Ruth asked in disbelief. “Who cares when I increased the rent? Just pay up! ” he ordered, growing impatient. “We….uh, don’t have much…” Ruth began to explain, staring nervously behind at Jack. “I see a fine souffle there. I could maybe have that as payment instead …” the greedy landlord suggested,  eyeing the souffle as he peeked into their apartment. “Sure! Have at it!” Jack exclaimed with a toothy grin, handing him the plate, glad to be rid of him! “B…but that’s yer birthday souffle! ” Ruth protested against it, before chasing after the landlord to retrieve the souffle which she’d lovingly prepared for Jack. “Stan! Ya take one more bite an’ yer gonna have Hell to pay! ” she yelled, as he walked away, busily munching on the souffle and slobbering over it, paying no heed to her cries! “Aww, geez! Ruthy, it’s just a souffle! Leave im be! ” an embarrassed Jack called out from the doorway. “Hey! What’s your deal?! Why haven’t you been answering your phone?” a familiar voice interrupted.  “Jodie? What’re you doin ere?” he asked, as he noticed his panting agent standing in the hallway with her fancy, expensive pumps in her hand.


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