THE ACTOR’S WIFE : Chapter 10

“D’you think I should change my name?” Jack asked Ruth, as she slipped under the covers next to him later that night. He was leaning against the rickety headboard of the bed and was engrossed with his phone, reading texts from strangers who barely knew him before and were now in awe of his performance. “Ruthy, should I? ” he asked louder, on receiving no response from his sleepy wife. “Oh, sorry…I thought you were talkin to yer phone! ” she teased, looking over his shoulder at his texts. “Remember, ya used to laugh at my jokes, no matter how silly? ” she reminded, noticing that he hadn’t let out that familiar chuckle. “Sorry, what? I was just texting Jodie to ask her if she has any ideas for my new name. I think I’d get more movie offers if I had a more enticing name, eh?” he explained his reason for the name change. “An’ I think, yer still hurtin o’er Stan the bald eagle’s comment on yer name earlier! ” she deduced, tying up her wet hair with a scrunchie. “Am not! ” he defended himself, childishly. “Are to! Ya shouldn’t drop yer family name, Jack. Besides, what does that bald head know? Jack O’Donnell’s a proper Scottish name an’ it’s good enough for Hollywood!” she assured. “I think we should change this mattress though! It’s lumpy an’ probably filled with bedbugs! ” she complained, prodding at it. “It came with the apartment.What d’you expect?” he muttered, without turning away from the phone. ” She is quick! ” he muttered to himself, as his phone beeped, indicating a new text. “Jodie agrees with me. She thinks I should opt for a new last name, coz she thinks O’Donnell is sorta long. Her words exactly! ” he read out to Ruth, who struggled to adjust to the lumpy mattress. “That’s just utterly ridiculous! ” she protested against it. “Ere’s a suggestion she sent o’er- Jack Murky? That can’t be righ….Oh, wait! It’s autocorrect! She meant- Jack Murphy! Murphy sounds like a cool new last name, right, love? ” he asked, turning towards Ruth who’d decided to leave him to his texts and turn in for the night. “If it’s good enough for Eddie, it’s good enough for you! ” she muttered sarcastically, her voice muffled by her pillow. “Brilliant! You are lookin at the new face o’ show business- Jack Murphy! ” he exclaimed boastfully, before putting away the phone and cuddling up to Ruth. “Will ya let Jack Murphy know that I’ll shove a pillow down his throat if he doesn’t pipe down? ” his fed up wife threatened, jokingly. “Sweet dreams to you too, love! ” he whispers, leaning in to kiss her gently on her forehead, before they both drifted off. He dreamt of award functions and a star on the Walk of Fame, while she dreamt of a new mattress!


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