Soon, his first Hollywood movie (titled The Celebrity Crush) was out…and so were the reviews. The couple cuddled in bed to read the reviews in the newspaper. “Look at what Barty Hepburn of the L.A. Times wrote, love. He’s the toughest critic ever! ” a beaming Jack exclaimed, handing her the newspaper. She snuggled up to him, scanning the words as he read- Newcomer Jack O’Donnell is a revelation! He steals the show as the distraught gardener whose wife (played by Emilia Clarke) runs off with a celebrity heartthrob (played by Ryan Gosling). As superb as Ryan & Emilia were, Jack outshone them & he’s here to stay! She looked up at her husband who now had tears in his eyes. “Love, I’m so proud o’ ya! ” she whispered, cupping his face in her hands. “I outshone em?! How bloody brilliant does that sound?! ” he gushed, pulling her into a bone crushing hug. “Bit role…An’ I outshone em?! Ha! ” he exclaimed in disbelief, as she noticed his face turn beet red with excitement! “I can’t believe it either! Now, don’t let it get to yer head, love! ” she calmed him down with a laugh. It was the beginning of his journey to stardom and she was happy to be by his side and join him on it.

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