“You brought her along? ” Jodie asked, as Ruth tagged along with him to the sets the next day. “She’s only ere to watch. An’ don’t worry, she’ll be on her best behavior today! Won’t you, love? ” he promised. “I can’t promise anythin. Let’s just say, I’ll go berserk if I spot a huge star, like LeBlanc…or Clooney! ” she teased, flashing a toothy, childlike grin. “Well, eyes on the monitor for now, kay? ” he ordered, before he was dragged away by Jodie. A few minutes later, Mr. Allen yelled, “Action! “. Ruth watched proudly as her husband mouthed his lines, raked leaves and such. In between shots, he’d even make a funny face at her or winked at her and she’d flash him a thumbs up for encouragement! “Ya know, you’d make a fine actress! You’ve got the face for it! ” a young man interrupted, walking up to where she sat and flashing her a cunning smile (and a phony one, similar to Jodie’s.) “Sorry, I’m not interested. I’m only ere to watch and support my husband.” she refused, politely. “A pretty young thing like you shouldn’t just sit here with your legs crossed, among the monitors, ya know? ” the man whispered, attempting to appear charming, but instead coming off as creepy as he leant towards her. How about I shove one o’ those monitors up yer pompous arse?! she thought to herself, feeling rather annoyed and uncomfortable by his presence. She let the thought slip into oblivion as she saw Jack approach her. “That was absolutely brilliant, love! ” she praised, pushing away the annoying man and planting a kiss on her blushing husband’s cheek. “Ya really thought so? I gave it my all, ya know? Who’s this bloke? ” he asked, eyeing him suspiciously. “He’s Warren Grace. I’m teaching him to be an agent.” Jodie replied, walking up to them in her usual stylish manner, before placing an arm on Warren’s shoulder and giving it a squeeze. “Well, he’s not gonna be a very good one. He made me very uncomfortable just now! ” an unimpressed Ruth revealed, staying close to Jack and away from weird Warren. “Well, he’s got a lot to learn! By the way, nice job, Jack! ” the impressed agent praised, before pulling her student away from the couple.


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