“We were pretty impressed by that audition tape you sent in. Such a lotta talent…” the experienced director praised, as the couple were led into Ms. Myers’ office where he was waiting for them. “Yeah, an’ he’s only 29, can you imagine?! ” ecstatic Ruth interrupted him. “Please don’t interrupt Mr. Allen while he’s speaking. He doesn’t like that! ” the agent cautioned. “As I was saying, what really bowled me over though was a video clip I found on the internet. It was of some t.v. show you did when you were 17, I believe?” Mr. Allen continued. “Ohh…The one where I played a schizophrenic radio jockey? That impressed you? That was such a long time ago… ” a surprised Jack began to ask. “Look at him, being all humble!” an impressed Mr. Allen exclaimed with a chuckle, while Jodie Myers joined in with her phony laughter! “That’s exactly what we needed for our character of a humble gardener!” the ambitious man exclaimed, beaming at the thought of his ambitious project. “I’m late for lunch with Dan Akroyd. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my boy….” he muttered, before putting on his expensive looking coat and hurrying out. “I know it’s a bit role, but all great actors started out small! ” Jodie explained, hoping he doesn’t drop out. “He knows that. He grew up reading about great actors who started out small! ” Ruth revealed, waiting for silent Jack to say something. “Besides, you can’t back out now. We start shooting tomorrow.” Jodie whispered. “Who said I’m backin out? I’ll see you tomorrow, then!” Jack exclaimed excitedly, before linking an arm around his surprised spouse and heading for the door.
“Hey, big actor man, what’re ya up to now? ” a curious Ruth asked , finding him lying on his back on the hotel lawns that evening. “Gettin into the skin o’ my character. It’s called method actin, ya know? I learnt about it at film school. ” he replied calmly, looking up at her. “I don’t think this is called method actin! Yer just lyin on a lawn! ” she disagreed, sitting next to him on the grass. “Well, the hotel gardener shooed me away when he saw me eyeing his lawn mower! So, this is the only way I can look at the world through a gardener’s eyes! An’ this is a better way to gaze at the stars, eh? ” he rambled, flashing her a toothy grin as she lay down beside him. “It is. But, I don’t think those are stars. I heard that city skies are only filled with helicopters! ” she recounted. “Don’t ruin the moment, love! ” he scolds, still looking up at the starry sky dreamily. “Jack O’Donnell, you are an odd man….An’ Hollywood’s gonna eat ya alive! ” she joked. “Ruth O’Donnell, you are a witty woman….An’ ya should write for movies! Seriously, Hollywood’s gonna eat up yer dialogues!” he praised, turning his gaze towards her. “Yeah, right! ” she exclaimed, before breaking into a hearty laugh. She stopped laughing, kissing him back as he lovingly pressed his lips against hers in a bid to silence her.


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