The next morning, Jack’s called to the studios. Ruth tagged along. She skipped from set to set like an excited child, while he tried to look more professional. “I bet this was where Avatar was shot! ” she exclaimed, peeking into one of the sets (which appeared to be an exotic, tropical setting) , before calling out to an embarrassed Jack to check it out with her. “Yes. That’s the set for Jim Carrey’s next, the new Ace Ventura movie. I finally got him to say yes to it! I’m Jodie Myers, agent to the stars.” a lanky, professional-looking lady interrupted, introducing herself in a single breath, pausing only to flash the couple a toothy grin. “Follow me to my office, you two.” she ordered and motioned to them to follow her. “Wow!” a wide-eyed Jack mouthed, turning to his wife as soon as his agent’s back is turned. “Yea, she’s quite the specimen, eh? Didcha see her grin? Totally phony! ” an unimpressed Ruth whispered, cautioning him.


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